RED by Kiss - Lace Tinting Spray 3oz

RED by Kiss

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RED by Kiss Lace Tinting Spray Long-Lasting Pigmentation, Transfer-Proof, 3 oz

  • Tintation Lace Tinting Spray's Advanced Color Matching formula ensures that your lace is always a perfect match to your skin tone. Our quick drying formula sets in place for long lasting results
  • Benefits : 1. Conceals knots effortlessly 2. Even spray application 3. No residue 4. Washes out easily with shampoo
  • Directions : 1.Flip your wig inside out 2.Shake well before use 3.Spray approximately 8-10 inches away from the lace 4.Spray until you achieve a desired color that matches your skin tone 5.Wait 30 seconds for the spray to fully set into the lace 6.Style your wig and enjoy!
  • Peach scent 3 oz.
  • Skin tone matching formula, Long-lasting pigmentation, Transfer-proof

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